She Sails Training Morning


Briefing:8:00am - Saturday 10th Mar 2018
Finish:2:00pm - Saturday 10th Mar 2018

James - we're going to need you early to help move the Force 24s back into the marina from across the Harbour.  They've got to back after the ladies finish.Game Fishing guys using all of F-Arm this weekend.

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Force 24s

Position Volunteer
Boat 1 Felix Prince
Boat 2 Sarah Petherbridge
Boat 3 Emma Gearing
Boat 4 Susan Grimes
Boat 5 Janease Graham
Boat 6 Kris Anderson
Rigging Assistant James Robson

George Keegan

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Jan Howard
Race Officer Mary Holley
Driver Jack Buchan
Crew Unassigned